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SGF: Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science & Engineering

About SGF

The multi-year Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science and Engineering (SGF) supports exceptional incoming and continuing doctoral students in the natural and social sciences, education, engineering, and the basic sciences in the School of Medicine.

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Students must be nominated by an eligible department to be considered for a SGF. Most nominees are newly admitted students in the sciences or engineering.

Contact with any questions.

Departments that are eligible for SGF

Recent News

May 11 2020 | Stanford News
A Stanford research team has developed a way to boost the effectiveness of the insulin injections people with diabetes routinely take to control their blood sugar. Led by materials scientist Eric Appel, the advance might enable patients with diabetes to take a double-acting shot that contains...
May 5 2020 | Stanford News
The largest-ever study of alleged racial profiling during traffic stops has found that blacks, who are pulled over more frequently than whites by day, are much less likely to be stopped after sunset, when “a veil of darkness” masks their race. That is one of several examples of systematic bias that...
Apr 13 2020 | Stanford Engineering
Americans nationwide now have a chance to help government officials decide when to ease social-distancing policies by completing a survey on a new website that compiles information about if and when their counties implemented local shelter-in-place measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. The...
Apr 8 2020 | Stanford News
Stanford researchers have helped solve a longstanding mystery about how brains manage to process information so accurately, despite the fact that individual neurons, or nerve cells, act with a surprising degree of randomness. The findings, published online on April 2 in the journal Nature, offer...