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Graduate Fellowship Support

Generally, each degree program with SGF and SIGF fellows has two department PTAs, one for tuition expenses and one for stipend expenses. CCSRE, DARE and Lieberman fellowship accounts are direct charged to VPGE PTAs and are reconciled by VPGE.

Accounts are used from year to year. Student services administrators enter fellowships in PeopleSoft GFS, using the local SGF/SIGF OB accounts and VPGE PTAs for CCSRE, DARE, and Lieberman fellowships. The tables provided are useful for information and budgeting. However, to facilitate GFS entry of these fellowships, VPGE sends a report to each department/program when GFS entry is opened for the next aid year.  GFS is expected to open August 1 aid entry. The VPGE report lists the appropriate PTA(s) and approved quarterly amounts for each student recipient.

Stipend Entry Reminder

When entering stipend, the default is to choose the item type with a charge priority of “STD_CHG.” This assures that standard charges like housing will be subtracted before the stipend check is issued. If the item type with a charge priority of "STIPEND" is entered, all dollars will be issued in a check. This choice is used less frequently, when a fellow specifically requests it.

End-of year reconciliation for department SGF/SIGF OB Accounts

SIGF/SGF PTAs are funded in July for the current year expenses, a month before the end of the fiscal year on August 31.  2013/14 funds transfer in July 2014. Funds for 2014/15 will transfer in July 2015.

Before SIGF/SGF endowment funds are transferred, departments are asked to verify that the budgeted amounts approved by VPGE are the same totals that appear for each fellow 1) on SGF/SIGF PTA expenditure statements from the department’s financial officer, and 2) in GFS. 

Once all three sources reflect the same total for each fellow, VPGE transfers funds for the current fiscal year’s expenses to the department SGF/SIGF OB accounts.

At the fiscal year close, every account should have a balance of $0.00.  Any EOY balance in the local SGF/SIGF OB accounts must be returned to the appropriate SGF/SIGF endowment fund.