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Funding for COVID-19 Delays

As part of a university-wide effort to support students, Provost Drell and VPGE in partnership with the university’s schools and degree programs have created several strategies to address the research and degree progress disruptions some doctoral students have experienced due to COVID-19. These strategies represent a one-time, one-year commitment to supplement the additional funds being committed by schools and degree programs. The shared goal is to ensure that all doctoral students who have experienced COVID-19 related delays (e.g., research disruptions, family care) will be supported through graduation. 

These funds supplement the university-wide 12 month x 5 year funding commitment for all doctoral students in good academic standing that was announced in July 2020. Moreover, the Financial Aid Office administers several need-based programs, including the Emergency Grant-in-Aid and Graduate Family Grant Program, that are centrally funded and for which all graduate and professional students are eligible. 

Doctoral students whose progress has been delayed due to COVID-19 should first discuss their timeline and funding with their faculty advisor and their degree program's faculty director of graduate studies. If program-level funding is not available, the student and advisor should then consult with the school dean's office staff listed below, who will coordinate with the VPGE office on other funding options.

Late-stage Fellowships 

These late-stage doctoral fellowship programs have been expanded in partnership with the centers that oversee the programs, allowing over 25 additional students to receive these prestigious fellowships in 2021-22:

Teaching and Dissertation Fellowships

The Teaching and Dissertation Fellowships are being implemented in close collaboration with the school deans' offices to ensure optimal use of school and central resources to meet the needs of all doctoral students. For more information, faculty and students should first contact their dean's office contact listed below.

Teaching Fellowships

Similar to the Summer 2020 Provost’s Graduate Teaching Fellowships, additional teaching assistantships are available starting summer 2021 and extending into the next academic year to meet increased teaching needs in schools. These teaching opportunities will be funded fully by the provost. 

Dissertation Fellowships

Doctoral students can apply for 1-4 quarters of dissertation fellowship support, allowing them to focus on research and writing. Dissertation fellowships should be considered when faculty advisor, department, and school funds are not available. Students’ stipend and TGR tuition will be cost-shared by the schools whose students are eligible for this support.

Other Funding Opportunities 

Many of the fellowships and research grants on the pages below have annual deadlines. Please check individual websites for eligibility and application details.

Opportunities for Recent Graduates

The H&S Dean’s Fellows Program supports recent doctoral graduates from an H&S program in teaching-focused lecturer positions. Information has been shared with faculty and students directly.

The Graduate School of Education is also considering creating several postdoctoral positions for 2020-21 graduates. 

Many Stanford postdoctoral fellowship programs will hire recent Stanford graduates who are promising scholars in their field, recruiting excellent “local talent” while allowing new graduates to maintain their Stanford network with a longer runway to a more permanent position. 

These postdoctoral opportunities are maintained by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Note that many have annual deadlines, while others accept applications throughout the year:

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education also recruits recent Stanford graduates as lecturers for its undergraduate programs:

School Dean’s Office Contacts





Business (PhD)

Dianne Le

Assistant Dean, PhD Program


Shu-Ling Chen

Associate Dean, Academic Services


Samantha Schwartz

Director of Graduate Finance & Academic Policy

Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences

Alyssa Ferree

Assistant Dean for Student Services

Humanities and Sciences

Suzi Weersing

Associate Dean, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies


Jory Steele

Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Medicine (PhD and MS)

Latishya Steele

Associate Dean for Graduate and Career Education & Diversity