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Information for Mentors

Mentor Meetings

Instructions for paying for mentor lunches are available in the Canvas module. 

Faculty Advisor Lunches

Instructions for organizing and paying for faculty advisor lunches are available in the Canvas module. 

EDGE Graduate Student Mentor Guidelines and Expectations

General Mentoring Program Goals

Support and mentor students to enable successful progress in their programs:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to define, reflect on and refine their academic goals
  • Help students reflect on their experiences and progress
  • Connect students with other support systems including faculty, staff, university programs and other students as appropriate

Collaborate with EDGE staff, fellow mentors, students, and contributors to meet the goals of the program and contribute to program development and improvement

Mentoring Activities

Meet with mentees to promote student mentoring and follow-up on mentees’ progress (lunch will be paid by EDGE):

  • Hold lunch/coffee meetings with mentees per quarter (meals for up to two meetings will be paid by EDGE)
    • One of these meetings should take place at the beginning and one at the end of each quarter to advise students and learn about their goals and progress towards milestones. 
  • Conduct bi-weekly e-mail follow-ups with students
  • Refer fellows to appropriate opportunities and resources to support their success
  • Complete quarterly reports on mentoring activities

Organize departmental meetings to promote faculty-student mentoring (if assigned):

  • Organize up to three meetings over the course of the year: one meeting at the end of Autumn and Winter quarters and one meeting at the middle of Spring quarter
    • Contact faculty mentors and students to schedule meeting
    • Make reservations or secure a venue for the meeting
      • ​Faculty Club is suggested as a venue for mentoring meetings
  • Send announcements and reminders prior to the meeting      
  • Send a brief summary of the meeting to the EDGE directors 

Participate in periodic student/program progress evaluation to strengthen program activities:

  • Attend trainings and follow-up meetings as requested by EDGE directors
    • ​​One training session at the beginning of the academic year to plan program activities for the year
    • Participate in periodic check-in meetings and provide feedback as requested to review student progress