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2020 EDGE Fellows

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EDGE mentors and fellows

Stanford's community centers provide support, learning, and service opportunities for graduate students.

Diversity Works

Graduate students at a reception and commencement.

Diversity has been a core value at Stanford since the university's founding in 1891.

Upcoming VPGE events

Students at the EDGE mentor picnic.

Check out upcoming professional development, interdisciplinary learning, and community-building events for graduate students sponsored by VPGE.


  • Kabir Abiose, Mechanical Engineering
  • Biruk Abreha, Bioengineering
  • Martin Acosta Parra, Chemistry
  • Carlos Aldrete, Chemical Engineering
  • Ayya Alieva, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Jillian Anderson, Mechanical Engineering
  • Anela Arifi, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Joao Paulo Azaro Berenguer, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Jihyun Baek, Mechanical Engineering
  • Zoe Barbeau, Mechanical Engineering
  • Max Beeman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Arielle Berman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alex Bourzutschky, Physics
  • Sam Bunke, Chemical Engineering
  • Sofia Catalina, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Nick Cecchi, Bioengineering
  • Gloria Chyr, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Savannah Cofer, Mechanical Engineering
  • Vincent Cornelius, Bioengineering
  • Julia Costacurta, Electrical Engineering
  • Jasmine Cox, Electrical Engineering
  • Gabriel Crane, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ana De La Fuente Duran, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Luis Delfin Manriquez, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Madison Driskill, Chemical Engineering
  • Andrew Garcia, Earth Systems Science
  • Olivia Ghosh, Physics
  • Paige Given, Geophysics
  • Anna Gomes, Earth Systems Science
  • Joao Pedro Goncalves de Araujo, Computer Science
  • Thomas Habte, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Nava Haghighi, Computer Science
  • Hans Hanley, Computer Science
  • Michael Hong, Mechanical Engineering
  • Justin Huxel, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mira Jalil, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kaiying Jiang, Mechanical Engineering
  • Amalya Johnson, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Yong Bin Kim, Chemical Engineering
  • John Klich, Bioengineering
  • Natalie Kolber, Bioengineering
  • Katheryn Kornegay, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ava Lakmazaheri, Mechanical Engineering
  • Eder Lomeli, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Daniela Marin, Chemical Engineering
  • Jose Marquez, Geological Sciences
  • Sonia Martin, Mechanical Engineering
  • Nicholas Montes, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alessandra Napoli, Mechanical Engineering
  • Eric Nguyen, Bioengineering
  • Babatunde Ogunlade, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Chris Perez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Emmit Pert, Chemistry
  • Carla Pinzon, Electrical Engineering
  • Leah Reeder, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Rosamiel Ries, Geophysics
  • Nicolas Robalin, Chemistry
  • David Rogers, Earth Systems Science
  • Natalia Rubio, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kimberly Ruth, Computer Science
  • Maya Sankar, Mathematics
  • Ashley Saunders, Chemistry
  • Remy Schutt, Physics
  • Mahlet Shiferaw, Physics
  • Emma Simmerman, Applied Physics
  • Sarah St. Pierre, Mechanical Engineering
  • Javan Tahir, Applied Physics
  • Crystal Tsui, Bioengineering
  • Jocelyn Valenzuela, Chemical Engineering
  • Jonathan Weiss, Bioengineering
  • Crystal Winston, Mechanical Engineering
  • Michael Wornow, Computer Science


  • Alexandra Adams, Art
  • Daliah Al-Shakhshir, Business
  • Alan Burnett Valverde, English
  • Alvaro Calderon Gonzales, Economics
  • Michael Cerda-Jara, Sociology
  • Paulina Choh, German Studies
  • Julian Davis, Philosophy
  • Micheal Duchesne, History
  • Lavar Edmonds, Education
  • Carmen Ervin, Anthropology
  • Kristopher Evans, Psychology
  • David Fager, Statistics
  • Ayodele Foster-McCray, Anthropology
  • Paula Gaither, Classics
  • Xavier Gonzalez, Statistics
  • Ruben Gonzalez, Education
  • Jesus Hermosillo, Linguistics
  • Alexia Hernandez, Linguistics
  • Kristen Jackson, Education
  • Tyrik LaCruise, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Yonglin Liang, Business
  • Antonio Lopez, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Leslie Luqueno, Education
  • Ayanda Mahlaba, History
  • Luca Messarra, English
  • Douglas Miller, Psychology
  • Westley Montgomery, Theater and Performance Studies
  • Caylin Moore, Sociology
  • David Morales, Education
  • Taiwo Mustafa, Political Science
  • Alexandros Orphanides, Education
  • Jesuseyi Osundeko, English
  • Spencer Pantoja, Economics
  • William Parish, History
  • Vesta Pitts, English
  • Samuel Powell, Classics
  • Jesse Ramirez, Education
  • Apollo Rydzik, Sociology
  • Rachel Salia, Education
  • Kendra Sobomehin, Education
  • Juliet Tempest, Anthropology
  • Anthony Velasquez, Linguistics
  • Darion Wallace, Education
  • Tatiana Zamora, Education
  • Julie Zhang, Statistics