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2018 EDGE Fellows

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EDGE mentors and fellows

Stanford's community centers provide support, learning and service opportunities for graduate students.

Diversity Works

Graduate students at a reception and commencement.

Diversity have been a core value at Stanford since the university's founding in 1891.

Upcoming VPGE events

Students at the EDGE mentor picnic.

Check out upcoming professional development, interdisciplinary learning and community-building events for graduate students sponsored by VPGE.


  • Jasper Ainsworth, Chemistry
  • Alaisha Alexander, Mechanical Engineering
  • Noor Al-Sayyad, Physics
  • Andrew Ames, Physics
  • Emily Anaya, Electrical Engineering
  • Nicholas Bousse, Mechanical Engineering
  • Thurston Brevett, Electrical Engineering
  • Anna Broome, Electrical Engineering
  • Thu Bui, Geological Sciences
  • Jake Campolo, Earth System Science
  • Samuel Carman, Physics
  • Jason Casar, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Gustavo Ramon Chau Loo Kung, Bioengineering
  • Paul Chong, Chemistry
  • William Chong, Mechanical Engineering
  • Matthew Clarke, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Daniel Corral, Chemical Engineering
  • Caitlin Rose Cuan, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ana Sofia de Olazarra, Electrical Engineering
  • Dory DeWeese, Chemistry
  • Pablo Diaz-Hyland, Chemical Engineering
  • Alexa Garcia, Bioengineering
  • Carlos Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Rachel Gruenke, Physics
  • Melissa Guidry, Applied Physics
  • Katrina Guzman, Chemical Engineering
  • Aria Hamann, Earth System Science
  • Sebastian Hendrickx-Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alexander Heyer, Chemistry
  • Rupini Kamat, Physics
  • Abisola Kusimo, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jessica Lauzon, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Ethan Li, Bioengineering
  • Brian Lozano, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Hanqing Lu, Energy Resources Engineering
  • Amina Ly, Earth System Science
  • Brendan Marsh, Applied Physics
  • Jamie McCullough, Physics
  • Hanon McShea, Earth System Science
  • Catherine Mullings, Computer Science
  • Caroline Muraida, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Yusuf Nasir, Energy Resources Engineering
  • Emily Penn, Chemical Engineering
  • Jonathan Pham, Mechanical Engineering
  • Brandi Ransom, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Jesse Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Zachary Sexton, Bioengineering
  • Blue Sheffer, Computer Science
  • Anisha Singh, Applied Physics
  • Rachel Smith, Physics
  • Alex Tamkin, Computer Science
  • Libby Taylor, Mathematics
  • Laura Taylor-Kale, Management Science and Engineering
  • Artem Trotsyuk, Bioengineering
  • Julian Vigil, Chemical Engineering
  • Sebastian Wagner-Carena, Physics
  • Grace Woods, Applied Physics
  • Josiah Yarbrough, Chemical Engineering
  • Kyle Yoshida, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jose Zamora Zeledon, Chemical Engineering


  • Neida Ahmad, Education
  • Sakaria Auelua-Toomey, Psychology
  • Jessica Boyle, Education
  • Brian Cabral, Education
  • Octaviano Chavarin, Education
  • Earvin Chavez, Philosophy
  • Lily Clifford, Linguistics
  • Joseph Cloward, Political Science
  • Britiny Cook, Sociology
  • Ralph Craig III, Religious Studies
  • Serena Crosson, Classics
  • Nima Dahir, Sociology
  • Jarita Greyeyes, Education
  • Jordan Horrillo, Political Science
  • Pan Hu, English
  • Jamal Johnson, Political Science
  • Leanne Klock, Business
  • Angela Leocata, Anthropology
  • Pearl Li, Economics
  • Kimya Loder, Sociology
  • Zaith Lopez, Anthropology
  • Elea McLaughlin, Music
  • Victoria Melgarejo Vieyra, Education
  • Cassandra Handan-Nader, Political Science
  • Ana Nunez, History
  • Kemi Oyewole, Education
  • Daniel Pimentel, Education
  • Alberto Quintero, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Brandon Reynante, Education
  • Stephanie Robillard, Education
  • China Stepter, Education
  • Jessica Stovall, Education
  • Caryce Tirop, History
  • Lucas Williams, Modern Thought and Literature