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DDRO: Diversity Dissertation Research Opportunity Details

At a Glance

by Application
Doctoral Students
Application Period: 
Winter quarter
One year
Amount Awarded: 
Up to $5,000


We hope you are remaining safe during the ongoing health crisis. We are pleased to be able to offer DDRO funding again this year, and want to clarify the DDRO review process, given travel and social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19. Our goal is to support your research, while abiding by the state, county, and university’s research guidance and travel restrictions. If you are awarded DDRO funding, any requests for travel and other currently restricted activities will be disbursed when those restrictions are lifted and activities can safely resume. Thus you may receive partial funding to cover other allowable expenses. Any restrictions on use of funds that are normally in place still apply.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask specific questions regarding the use of funds and what adjustments can be made as you pivot your research scope and design. We want to support both your research and well-being during this difficult time. 

DDRO provides competitive awards to doctoral students for research expenses related to dissertations that focus on some aspect of diversity, broadly defined to include culture, socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, and life experience. These funds help advance Stanford’s commitment to diversity. Research grants of over $500,000 have been awarded to over 100 doctoral students in over 25 degree programs across Stanford's seven schools.

Requests may not exceed $5,000; some awards will be less than requested. Requests must be for expenses that are not covered through other sources of funding from external or university sources. Applicants may simultaneously apply for other sources of funding, but may not accept multiple sources of funding for the same expenses.


DDRO accepts applications from Stanford doctoral students from any degree program who:

  • are making satisfactory academic progress
  • have been admitted to candidacy
  • have an approved dissertation proposal
  • will be registered in the quarter they receive funding.

Prior successful applicants may ONLY reapply for DDRO funds if they received less than $5,000. Applicants who have been funded previously must submit a report summarizing use of the initial award with their new application (if not submitted already). Applicants who do not receive funding are encouraged to revise and resubmit in a future funding cycle.

How To Apply

All application materials must be submitted through the VPGE’s online application system by the posted deadline. You may start and re-enter the application to submit later. You should request a letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor via the application system, well in advance of the deadline. Do not request a letter until you are certain that you will be submitting a DDRO application.

Access the application via the Apply now button at the upper right. When you log in, check that your information is accurate. If your information is inaccurate or you have problems with your application, please contact

A complete application consists of the following:

  1. Project Summary
  2. Curriculum Vitae (cv)
  3. Unofficial Transcript from AXESS
  4. Project Budget
  5. Letter of Recommendation (your advisor will submit directly)
  6. IRB Certification Status (if required)
  7. Report of Prior DDRO Funding (if required)

Download DDRO Application Instructions