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2022-2025 Cohort Mentors

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During their 3 year fellowship, RAISE fellows are supported by professional and faculty mentors, as well as other graduate students. Mentorship provides both the mentor and the mentee a chance to network, discuss research projects, and develop professionally. If interested in learning more about the program and ways to support, please reach out to

RAISE Faculty and Professional Mentors

  • Amy Gerstein, John Gardner Center
  • Antero Garcia, Education
  • Cheryl Phillips, Stanford Computational Policy Lab
  • Derek Ouyang, Regulation, Evaluation, and Governance Lab
  • Elliot White Jr, Earth System Science
  • Eujin Park, Education
  • Grant Parker, Classics
  • Irene Lo, Management Science and Engineering
  • Jackelyn Hwang, Sociology
  • Janine Bruce, Pediatrics - Office of Child Health Equity
  • Jenny Suckale, Geophysics
  • Jeremy Weinstein, Political Science
  • Kristin Geiser, John Gardner Center
  • Lerone Martin, Religious Studies
  • Margaret Krebs, Woods Institute
  • Patricia Rodriguez Espinosa, Epidemiology and Population Health
  • Rodolfo Dirzo, Earth System Science and Biology
  • Ross Venook, Bioengineering
  • Saumitra Jha, Business
  • Sibyl Diver, Earth Systems
  • Subini Annamma, Education
  • Suzan Carmichael, Pediatrics - Neonatology
  • Vivian Brates, Language Center
  • Will Fenton, Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis Operations

RAISE Graduate Student Mentors

  • Anna Kimmel, Anthropology
  • Ayinwi Muma, Management Science and Engineering
  • Kristin McFadden, Anthropology
  • Brian Cabral, Education
  • Emily Schell, Education
  • Alexis Wilson, Earth System Science

RAISE Alumni Mentors

  • Kory Russel, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Cherkea Howery, Anthropology
  • Josheena Naggea, Biology
  • Matthew Anderson, Microbiology