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VPGE Pop-Ups

Invite VPGE for a Pop-Up to bring professional development to your graduate students – on your time, in your space.

VPGE Pop-Up Workshops can be adapted for graduate students at any stage, in any degree program or discipline. They can stand alone or fit into an existing course or professional development series as 50-75 minute sessions for audiences of 15-50 students.

What Pop-Ups do we offer?

Skills to Succeed & Thrive in Grad School

Top Tips to Manage Graduate Life Learn how to manage the challenges and joys of grad student life, focusing on managing your schedule, your relationship with your advisor, and making the most of what should be a truly special time.
Resources for Graduate School Success From balancing classes, research, and projects to collaborating with faculty advisors and peers to managing stress and relationships - you've got a lot on your plate as a grad student. And Stanford has resources to help! 
Grad Grow Professional Development Walk away with a tailored list of campus resources and learning experiences to help you make the most of your time in grad school, thrive in your community, succeed academically, and prepare for life beyond Stanford.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Communicating Effectively with Your Advisor Your relationship with your faculty advisor is an essential part of your grad school experience. Learn practical skills and discover resources to help you communicate effectively and resolve issues with your faculty advisor.
Managing Up Learn how your communication and expectation-setting can help you effectively manage up and build relationships with the people above you, and gain helpful tips on what to practice and what to avoid.
Mentoring Others in Research - Don’t be a Tormentor! Are you taking on a mentoring role in your research group? This interactive workshop will give you practical skills and tools to prepare for a happy and productive mentoring relationship. Learn about yourself and how you can become an inspiring and effective research mentor.
Building Your Mentoring Network Do you have a reliable and strong network of mentors to support and inspire you? This workshop offers tools and activities to help you identify areas where you could benefit from mentoring and how to get what you need to thrive here and in your life after Stanford.
Peer Mentor Training: How to Build and Cultivate Empowering Relationships Are you currently a mentor, or do you aspire to be one? Learn important skills that will help you connect with and inspire your mentees. This workshop builds key competencies in cultivating empowering mentoring relationships, such as engaging productive mindsets for success, mentoring across differences, and helping your mentee get the most out of mentoring.
Building a Great Program for Peer Mentors: Tools and Tips Are you currently leading a peer mentoring program, or thinking about starting one? Do you want to learn tools and tips for building a great program? This workshop will provide you with resources to plan out the key trainings and events of your program throughout the academic year.

What does VPGE provide?

  • Catchy title and blurb for your marketing
  • Workshop slides, materials, and handouts
  • Pre-workshop consultation to customize for your audience
  • Canvas module to access materials later
  • Post-workshop evaluation template

What do YOU provide?

  • Students to participate in workshop
  • A Zoom moderator to help manage participants
  • Space with audiovisual tools and whiteboard (when in-person instruction is allowed again)
  • Communication with your students
  • Integration into your course or professional development offerings

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