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2017 Preparing Future Professors Fellows

The Preparing Future Professors (PFP) shadowing program offers doctoral students the opportunity to experience faculty life first-hand at a comprehensive, teaching-focused university or community college.

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Portrait of Sean Beckwith

Sean Beckwith


Originally from Michigan and hailing from a liberal arts background in Minnesota at Carleton College, I have ventured west to pursue a PhD in biology in the lab of Dr. Ashby Morrison. My research focuses on specific epigenetic mechanisms employed...

Portrait of Daniel Bush

Daniel Bush

Slavic Languages & Literatures

It might seem like Tolstoy and Akhmatova are pretty far removed from the interests of students today, but I think that humanities departments like mine have a lot to offer our students. My goal in the PFP program is to become a better and more...

Portrait of Amy Calgaro

Amy Calgaro

Chemical Engineering

I am a PhD student in chemical engineering researching how plants make anti-microbial molecules. I pursued chemical engineering as a way to combine my love of math and chemistry, but through my experience mentoring and TAing, I discovered another...

Portrait of Emily Carian

Emily Carian


I am a PhD candidate in Sociology, studying gender, gender inequality, and masculinity. My current project seeks to understand how men in the men's rights movement understand what it means to be a man today. Before coming to graduate school...

Portrait of Bogi Conrad

Bogi Conrad

Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine

I am a graduate student working in the lab of Dr. Fan Yang where I develop innovative biomaterial scaffolds for the enhancement of craniofacial bone regeneration using adult stem cells. In particular I enjoy that my project is interdisciplinary,...

Portrait of Scott Davidson

Scott Davidson

Mechanical Engineering

My PhD research with Professor Ali Mani focuses on using high-performance computing to study chaotic fluid flows which enhance salt transport in microfluidic systems. One key application of this research is in water desalination systems. By...

Portrait of Natalie Deam

Natalie Deam


I am a PhD candidate in the French department interested in an interdisciplinary approach to nineteenth century French literature, especially in studying the relationship between science, visual arts, and literature.  I aim to help students...

Portrait of Abigail Droge

Abigail Droge


My dissertation is committed to uniting teaching and research in the same conversation. I juxtapose archival research about nineteenth-century working-class education with current pedagogical issues, such as the role of transferable skills in...

Portrait of Becky Xu Hua Fu

Becky Xu Hua Fu


I am a graduate student in Dr. Andrew Fire’s laboratory. I am studying the requirements for protective interference of a bacterial and archaeal adaptive immunity known as Clustered, Regularly Interspaced, Short Palindromic Repeat (CRISPR). 

Portrait of Shadab Hussain

Shadab Hussain


I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Developmental and Psychological Sciences program at the Graduate School of Education. My main research interests surround bicultural identity development and the positive development of bicultural...