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2016 Preparing Future Professors Fellows

The Preparing Future Professors (PFP) shadowing program offers doctoral students the opportunity to experience faculty life first-hand at a comprehensive, teaching-focused university or community college.

Mallory Barkdull

Civil and Environmental Engineering

I am a graduate student in the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Lab studying sedimentation on coral reefs. Increased runoff resulting from coastal development is one of the greatest threats to coral reefs throughout the world. Runoff carries...

Doc Edge


I am a PhD student in the biology department. My research is on human genetic variation, which I study by analyzing genetic data from people around the world and by building mathematical models.

Currently, I am studying the CODIS...

Joy Brooke Fairfield

Theatre and Performing Arts

 Theatre is everywhere: in law, in politics, in business, in education, and in our most personal relationships. As a scholar of Theatre and Performance Studies, I look at the social world as a series of performances governed by various...

Molly M. King


My goal as a teacher is to change how students think, not just what they think about. I hope to share with them a sociological way of thinking about the world. My second goal as a teacher is to help students love the process...

Melissa Ko

Cancer Biology

I am a Bay Area native pursuing a Ph.D. in cancer biology in the labs of Dr. Garry Nolan and Dr. Sylvia Plevritis. I study how the cell-to-cell variability observed in human tumors can result in resistance to most cancer drugs. Using...

Amanda Licato


I am a doctoral candidate studying nineteenth and early-twentieth century American literature in the Department of English, with a focus on African-American literature, Modernism, and poetry and poetics. I received my B.A. in English with a minor...

Lorenzo Limonta

Aeronautics & Astronautics

I grew up in Italy and spent most of my time there. During a brief stint in Iowa in 2005, I decided to move back to USA one day. That happened in 2010 when — after completing my Bachelor degree at Politecnico di Milano —I decided to continue my...

Kate Lynn Lindsey


Throughout my academic career, I have had the opportunity to learn from some truly exceptional teachers. These intellectual heroes of mine incorporated three simple, profound elements in their teaching: (1) model success by having high...

Katie Solari


I am a PhD candidate in the Hadly Lab, studying adaptations to low-oxygen concentrations at high elevation in pikas (small mammals related to rabbits). Pikas are ecologically vital species that live at high elevations in North America and Asia,...

Ming-Chew Teo

East Asian Languages and Cultures

I am currently completing my doctoral studies in the department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. My dissertation examines how heritage languages like Chinese, Malay, and Tamil influence the way people in Singapore speak English, and shows...