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Preparing for Faculty Careers Course (EDUC 343C)

How will you prepare yourself to obtain a great faculty job - and to thrive as a professor once you begin your career?

The Preparing for Faculty Careers course (EDUC 343C, Spring Q) is designed for advanced doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars from any discipline who are considering a faculty career. 

Learning Objectives

By participating fully in this quarter-long course, you will:

  • Determine how your values, skills, and goals align with a faculty career.
  • Explore different types of faculty roles and different institutional contexts.
  • Discuss how to identify and apply for appropriate faculty positions.
  • Develop a plan to thrive once you land a faculty position.

Program Description

The four parts of the course will guide you through an exploration of the academic career and prepare you to launch your academic job search:

  • How do I figure out if I should pursue an academic career? (“Reflect”)
  • What kinds of faculty positions exist and what do these look like in practice? (“Explore”)
  • How do I conduct a search and successfully land the right job? (“Dive In”)
  • How do I prepare myself for the job?

Course sessions are designed to include guest speakers from Stanford and other campuses and small group and individual work. Several sessions will be followed by networking events and informal dinners to learn from the guest speakers and each other. You will be grouped by discipline for customized learning experiences.


Open to doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars from any school or department. All participants, including those who audit, are expected to attend each session and to participate actively. Online tools will be used to support participants' self-reflection and individual progress.

Course meets weekly on Thursday mornings (8:30 - 10:20 am).

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Registration Process:

Postdoctoral Scholars may audit this course, and advanced Doctoral Students may register via AXESS (grading is Satisfactory/No Credit; 1 unit. Repeatable for credit).

AXESS registration is now open. The auditor application is available here:

For more information on auditing, please contact Robin Sugiura at


Partner Organization:

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Time Commitment

> 8 hours

Grad Grow Competencies

teaching & mentoring
 Career Development

Events in this Program

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