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Communication Matters: Building Effective Relationships

A key competency of leaders involves the ability to inspire and manage others towards a shared outcome. Sharing what matters to you—and responding to what matters to others—can build the rapport and depth of relationship that motivates collective action.

In this highly interactive, three-session workshop, you will increase awareness of your communication habits and have an opportunity to test new ways of interacting that better meet your goals and needs.

Learning Objectives

By participating fully, you will:

  • understand how self-awareness is critical to relationship-building
  • discover your patterns of reacting to others and how to channel them effectively
  • learn ways you can deepen exchanges more quickly
  • see how to listen and respond in ways that build relationships

Program Description

Recent research by Amy Edmonson at Google identifies psychological safety as the top trait of successful teams. She defines this as a shared belief that the team is a place where members can challenge each other in service of the team's objectives—where it's safe for interpersonal risk-taking. This workshop will examine some of the ways in which this can be created through choices about what to say and how to respond. These approaches are at the heart of deepening trust and relationships, both of which can drive professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction.


Open and relevant to graduate students at any stage in any discipline or degree. Space is limited. Due to the workshop's interactive format, full participation in all three sessions is required.

If you are accepted to this workshop you must confirm your place by submitting a Student Participation Fee Agreement, which authorizes VPGE to charge $50 to your Stanford bill – only if you do not fully participate in the event. You will receive a link to the Agreement and instructions if you are offered a place.

Time Commitment: 
Learning Experience: 

Registration Process

Check back in Spring 2019 for future Communication Matters dates!


Lecturer in Management
Stanford Graduate School of Business