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Academic Chats

Could a faculty career be in your future? Attend Academic Chats to explore skills and experience to help you prepare from Stanford faculty and staff. Lunch provided. 

Learning Objectives

By participating in one or more Chats, you will:

  • learn from the experience of staff and faculty from Stanford and nearby institutions
  • identify skills and experiences you need to be a strong candidate for a faculty position
  • begin to create your own plan for pursuing a faculty career

Program Description

Academic Chats are an opportunity to learn from and share experiences with others who are launching their career as a faculty member. Guest speakers include faculty from Stanford and local colleges and campus staff who support students’ career planning. Chats are open to graduate students at any stage but may be most useful to students at the early stages of their career planning. Lunch will be provided. (Postdoc Academic Chats are also available through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.)

Academic Chats are led by Rick Reis, professor emeritus in Mechanical Engineering, founder of Tomorrow’s Professor eNewsletter, and author of the book Tomorrow’s Professor: Preparing for Academic Careers in Science and Engineering (Wiley, 1997). Prior to each Chat, you will be sent several short readings (total reading time no more than 20 minutes) to help you begin thinking about the session’s topic.

Academic Chats are one component of VPGE’s Preparing for Faculty Careers portfolio, which you may want to explore for deeper learning experiences on any Chats’ topics. If you are interested in non-faculty careers within academia, please explore our PhD Pathways in Higher Education section.

Time Commitment: 
Learning Experience: 

Registration Process

Monthly topics and speakers will be posted for each quarter. Each Chat stands alone, so you may register for as many as you want. Each session deadline is the Sunday before. Mark your calendar and look for reminder emails from VPGE.

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Candid photo of Rick Reis
Consulting Professor, Mechanical Engineering