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Letters to a Young Engineer: Theresa Johnson, Product Manager (Airbnb)

Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 4:30pm to 5:20pm
Mitchell B67, Stanford University


Theresa works on new Payments technology platforms to accelerate belonging at Airbnb. Her other roles include angel investor, Sequoia Scout, where she has invested in over 10 early-stage startups. Theresa earned a BS, MS and PhD in engineering from Stanford University. During her PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford, she focused on satellite and space plasma computational physics.

Theresa joined Airbnb as a Machine Learning/AI Data Scientist focused on supply growth and quality. Her biggest bet was working on a pricing system for listing photography that increased global host access to high quality photos, regardless of market. Now as a Product Manager in Airbnb Payments, Theresa's team builds platform tools to allow any business to seamlessly integrate with Airbnb Payments -  from photographers in Chicago to housekeepers in China.

In her almost 4 years at Airbnb, Theresa has co-founded StandardDev, a multicultural group supporting underrepresented minorities in technical roles and become a “super mentor” to other women in the company looking to own their own career and brand.


Theresa's talk is part of the Winter quarter E311A seminar series, “Letters to a Young Engineer," a long-standing seminar series designed by and for students. The speakers come from a variety of professional domains and have made diverse life and career choices. E311A aims to be a comfortable environment where students are encouraged to think hard and ask lots of questions. Guests are welcome, with the understanding that this is not a career event, but rather about career⁠—and life⁠—exploration.

Cookies and tea will be served at 4:20pm.

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Stanford Mechanical Engineering Women's Group, Mechanical Engineering - Design Group
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