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Letters to a Young Engineer: Sila Kiliccote, CEO (eIQ Mobility) - updated

Thursday, March 12, 2020 -
4:30pm to 5:20pm
Mitchell B67, Stanford University


UPDATE: This in-person session of "Letters to a Young Engineer" has been cancelled. If you are interested in virutally joining the discussion, please contact the sponsors using the email link provided.

Sila Kiliccote is the Co-founder and CEO of eIQ Mobility. eIQ Mobility is building a trusted platform and a set of key enablers that drive vehicle fleets into a smart, electric, and cost-effective future. The key enablers include planning and operational software that finds the least cost deployments, tracks performance over time and enables the sharing of infrastructure and vehicles over time thus gaining efficiencies at each trip. 

Prior to joining eIQ, Sila formed and led the Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility (GISMo) department at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and managed Stanford’s Bits and Watts initiative. She spent over 10 years at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a deputy of the Demand Response Research Center and leading the grid integration initiatives. She received SLAC’s Director’s award in 2017, the C3E Research Leadership Award in 2014, and Leadership in Smart Grid Acceleration Award in 2010.


Sila's talk is part of the Winter quarter E311A seminar series, “Letters to a Young Engineer," a long-standing seminar series designed by and for students. The speakers come from a variety of professional domains and have made diverse life and career choices. E311A aims to be a comfortable environment where students are encouraged to think hard and ask lots of questions. Guests are welcome, with the understanding that this is not a career event, but rather about career⁠—and life⁠—exploration.

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Stanford Mechanical Engineering Women's Group, Mechanical Engineering - Design Group
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