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Stanford Courses

We have identified graduate courses that, based on their description in Explore Courses, appear to align with VPGE's Grad Grow professional competencies or with our Career Planning, Interdisciplinary Learning, or Diversity Initiatives portfolios. 

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Please note that courses may have prerequisites or limited enrollment or may require permission from the instructor. You should contact the instructor if you have specific questions. VPGE does not have any influence over the courses offered by departments.

Titlesort descending Instructor(s) Quarter Day, Time, Location
CHEM 296 (section 1)
Creating and Leading New Ventures in Engineering and Science-based Industries (CHEM 196, CHEMENG 196, CHEMENG 296)

Open to seniors and graduate students interested in the creation of new ventures and entrepreneurship in engineering and science intensive industries such as chemical,...

2022-2023 Spring
DESINST 311 (section 1)
Design Abilities Studio

In this Design Abilities Studio students will learn and practice several applied skills with hands-on activities that vary in length, duration, deliverables, and concept....

2022-2023 Winter
DESINST 423 (section 1)
Design for Healthy Behavior Change

In the U.S., 75% of medical expenditures are for illnesses that are predominantly lifestyle related such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. It has been shown...

2022-2023 Spring
ME 243 (section 1)
Designing Emotion: for Reactive Car Interfaces

Students learn to define emotions as physiology, expression, and private experience using the automobile and shared space. Explores the meaning and impact of personal and...

2022-2023 Autumn
1:30pm - 4:20pm
DESINST 240 (section 1)
Designing Machine Learning: A Multidisciplinary Approach

As machine learning makes its way into all kinds of products, systems, spaces, and experiences, we need to train a new generation of creators to harness the potential of...

2022-2023 Winter
OB 670 (section 1)
Designing Social Research

This is a course in the design of social research, with a particular emphasis on research field (i.e., non-laboratory) settings. As such, the course is a forum for...

2022-2023 Autumn
2:50pm - 5:50pm
GSB Faculty East 233
CS 377E (section 1)
Designing Solutions to Global Grand Challenges

In this course we creatively apply information technologies to collectively attack Global Grand Challenges (e.g., global warming, rising healthcare costs and declining...

2022-2023 Spring
GSBGEN 345 (section 1)
Disruptions in Education

The recent pandemic disrupted higher education significantly, surfacing novel needs, while at the same putting decades long trends into sharper focus. This course explores...

2022-2023 Winter
2:50pm - 5:50pm
EDUC 377F (section 1)
Disruptions in Education

(Same as GSBGEN 345). This course will explore the contemporary higher education industry, focusing especially on the places where disruptions of all kinds present...

2022-2023 Winter
2:50pm - 5:50pm
Departmental Room
EDUC 392 (section 1)
Education for Liberation: A History of African American Education, 1800 to the Present (CSRE 292)

This course examines discourses around education and freedom in African American educational thought from the 19th century to the present, using both primary sources and...

2022-2023 Winter
Monday Wednesday
1:30pm - 3:20pm